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Art at The Lane

King's Gallery 

Kings Gallery

Theatre Royal Drury Lane houses not only a world-class auditorium, currently home to Disney's Frozen, but it also hosts a large collection of artwork.

Adorning the walls of the theatre is a mix of reproductions and original pieces that have either been donated, loaned, or owned by private collectors. The King's Gallery is no different, read below for a numerated list of the artwork, starting from the left of the door as you enter.

1. Portrait of R W Elliston as Hamlet
2. Richard Brinsley Sheridan by John Hoppner
3. REPRO Thomas Killigrew by William Sheppard, painted 1650
4. REPRO Portrait of Nell Gwyn by Simon Verelst, painted 17th century
5. REPRO Portrait of Charles II by John Michael Wright, painted 1660-65
6. REPRO Portrait of Richard Brinsley Sheridan by Joshua Reynolds, painted 1788-89
7. Hadfield attempting to shoot the King in Drury Lane Theatre, created 1800
8. Drury Lane Theatre, made by Ackermann in 1808-10
9. Chaos is Come Again by Thomas Rowlandson, drawn in 1791
10. King George our Sovereign Lord the King, painted by Robert Dighton in 1800
11. Drury Lane Theatre on Fire by Thomas Luny in 1809
12. REPRO Portrait of Garrick by Reynolds in 1768
13. Interior the Late Theatre Royal Drury Lane by Robert Blemell Schnebbelie in 1790-1849
14. A Correct View of the Dreadul View of the fire at Drury Lane Theatre by W. Glendinning for T.Broom, 1809
15. Cross-cut of the Rotunda and principle staircases, by Benjamin D Wyatt (architect) 1812

Champagne Taittinger - Site Visit © Andy Paradise 23.6 (147)

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